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This agreement represents a contract between each of dnet hereinafter referred to as (dnet, We, Or ours”) and you, hereinafter referred to as (“the customer” or “you” or “your own.”
This agreement includes the general terms and conditions under which you use the products and services provided by dnet and the dnet.sa website (collectively referred to as “services”).
Your use of these services implies your commitment to all of the terms contained in this agreement. If you do not agree to these terms, conditions, and restrictions contained in this agreement, then this means that you are not authorized to use these services.
Additional terms can also be applied to some services, so that they are included in this agreement, which was included here with reference to what is applied, for example, if you register a domain with us, all the terms of the agreement will be applied to you and thus are included in this contract.
  1. Responsibilities:
When you register and/or use the services we provide, this is your acknowledgment of the following:
  1. If you benefit from these services on behalf of another party, then you must acknowledge that you are authorized to bind this party to all the terms stipulated in this agreement, and you must also observe and respect the terms of this agreement in all your actions related to these services, as long as you use them on behalf of that other party.
  2. When giving any data or information by filling out the service use form, you must take into account the validity and accuracy of the data and information you provide if your email address provided is different from the domain you use to log in through it. We will contact you in case of abuse or when necessary via the primary email address we have on your file. You must also ensure that the contact information you provide is accurate, correct, and complete.
  3. Based on that, dnet is not responsible for any error that may occur in this regard or for the consequences that may occur to the services provided due to such errors, for example, Any error that may occur when registering the domain due to an error in the data related to the domain, dnet is not responsible for that error. When you need to verify or change your contact information, you can send an official form to change the data or contact the dnet support center to update your contact information. Bearing in mind that giving any wrong data regarding contact information may result in canceling your account. When you buy a dedicated server or some other cases, you may be asked to send copies of some official personal documents, such as the ID card, via the scanner, for the purpose of matching the data. If you do not respond by submitting the required personal evidence, your request will be rejected.
  4.  The Registrant has reviewed and agreed to complying with all provisions in the Saudi Domain Name Registration Regulation, through the following link: help.nic.sa.
  5.  An acknowledgment of consent by the Registrant that SaudiNIC retains the right to transfer sponsorship of its domain name(s) to another Registrar, should the need arise.
  6. The Registrant’s agreement to be subject to and accept the decisions arising from dispute resolution procedures.
  7. An acknowledgment from the Registrant that all information and documentation submitted concerning a domain name or a Service Request are complete, accurate, and up-to-date.
  8. An acknowledgment that the Registrant agrees to the CST’s and/or SaudiNIC’s rights to enforce the terms and conditions included in the Registrant Agreement and Saudi Domain Name Registration Regulation, and to not hold either of them in any way liable.
  1. Payment:
It is your responsibility to ensure the validity of the data related to your payment information, as well as to ensure that all bills are paid on time. You must agree to pay the service fee in advance. The value of old bills in your billing account will be deducted from the amount paid and which have not been paid, knowing that all this is subject to the application of all applicable laws and regulations.
  1. Payment Delay:
You will be notified of the issuance of a new invoice 30 days prior to the end of the service. All bills must be paid during this period. Delay in bill payment leads to suspension or disconnection of service. You will not be able to activate the service unless the amounts due on the bills are paid. In the event that the fees mentioned in this agreement are not paid, we will have to suspend or cancel your account and take the necessary measures to collect the amounts due, including - and, for example: resorting to the legal and judicial authorities. Note that dnet will not deal with any requests to open new services for clients who have not paid their service fees with their accounts.
  1. Domain Fees:
Notices are sent as an encouraging reminder; dnet is not responsible for any failure that occurs in relation to domain renewal or the failure of domain renewal notices to arrive. Domain renewal invoices are sent (30 days) before the renewal date.
  1. Counterfeiting:
Misuse is a violation of the terms of this agreement, as well as attempts to fraud, whether for credit cards, electronic funds transfer systems, or any other type of payment methods; regarding the foregoing, dnet will refer the cases of fraud and abuse mentioned above to the legal and government agencies, other competent judicial authorities, Financial institutions or credit card companies to deal with and this is at dnet's discretion.
  1. Settling disputes that arise in connection with bills:
In the event that any dispute arises related to any financial claims or amounts by dnet or any inquiry related to these claims or amounts related to your account, this must be within a maximum period of (90 days).
  1. Money-back guarantee:
dnet guarantees the return of amounts paid by the customer for services that were not completed in implementation on the customer’s account in one of the approved banks in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Transfers outside the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia are not accepted, and the value of fees for services that have already been completed cannot be refunded.
  1. Non-refundable services: 
Fees for services that have already been performed cannot be refunded.
  1. Domain cancellation:
All procedures related to the domain renewal process and the relevant invoices are sent within a maximum period of (30) days before the account renewal date. Refunds cannot be performed after domain renewal. Domain registrations and renewals are a final and irreversible step.
  1. Termination of services:
dnet has the right to cancel the services, whether partially or completely, without notifying you in the following cases
  1. If you do not pay any late fees
  2. Your failure to comply with the terms and conditions contained in this agreement or breach any of them.
  3. In the event that any action is taken, that would harm dnet or involve any other party in bearing any responsibility of any kind, whether financial, procedural, or otherwise, based on dnet's pure discretion.
Accordingly, unless otherwise stipulated in this agreement, dnet has the right to terminate the services without having the right to recover any fees that were paid by you to dnet, with your obligation to pay all fees and financial claims arising from these services before the termination of these services. , dnet also reserves its full right to compel you to pay all fees, financial claims, and rates related to services for the remaining period in relation to services.
  1. Change of Prices:
DNET reserves the right to change prices or any applicable fees at any time. The price for the service will be clarified before renewal, whether as annual or long-term plans.
  1. Prohibited activities:
A registrant may not register, use, or maintain a domain name or submit a service request related to it to carry out or assist in any of the following activities or works:
  1. If the purpose is to prevent others from registering it or benefiting from it.
  2. Promoting the transfer of the domain name for or without compensation through parties other than licensed registration agents.

Terms date :2024-05-12


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