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All your email services in one place With Google Workspace, dmail , or Microsoft, you can get an email address at a private domain using your company's chosen domain name, like susan@yourcompany. A professional email address helps gain customer trust, and also allows you to create group mailing lists, such as sales@yourcompany.

Email FAQ

Can I use the email services with my domain?
  • Go to my products page after login to your account
  • Get subscribe in one if the available email services google workspace or dmail
  • Select the no of email license you want and proceed to payment page
  • Go back to your product page and click on the detail and add a new email user
  • If you still see a notification on top of product detail page please click to open another page
  • Copy each record and go to 'my domain tab' > domain detail > configure DNS and add the records
  • Then back to the product page and make a refresh till the verification green icon appears
How to link my dmail email with outlook, hotmail?
Please add the following:
  • Username: [email protected]
  • Password: use the email account's password
  • Incoming Server: mail.dmail.sa
  • IMAP Port: 993
  • POP3 Port: 995
  • Outgoing Server: mail.dmail.sa
  • SMTP Port: 465
  • IMAP, POP3 and SMTP require authentication
How can I control the number of user licenses for a Google subscription?
You can go to my products page, then details, then add more licenses. To control users, click on the login as an administrator button, then go to the users page.
What is the space provided per Email Account?
Each email account comes with 30 GB space for (Google workspace)
Each email account comes with 10 GB space for (dmail)
Each email account comes with 1 TB space for (Microsoft 365)
How to add email users for my microsoft email?
  1. Click on my products > details
  2. User default email and password to log in
  3. Click on the blue button
  4. after login go to my domains and add your domain name, then back to users to add users

Can I transfer more than 1 domain at a time?
Yes, you can transfer up to 20 domains at a time.
My website doesn't work properly.
In case you are using a NS which belongs to the hosting side please contact them for support.
When trying to make a new request the system shows there's pending orders
Go to my orders > detail > try to complete the pending order or reject it
How to register a Saudi domain?
  1. Click on the Saudi Domains registration page found in the list at the top.
  2. Make sure the domain you want is available, if so then sign up for an account on the website.
  3. After signing up, fill up the form and attach the necessary documents.
  4. You will have to wait for the administrator to approve your email and phone number.
  5. The payment process will take up to 24 hours to be approved in case of these domains (com.sa, .sa, net.sa, .pub.sa ). On the other hand the following domains will require approval from the Saudi network information centre (shc.sa, .med.sa, .org.sa, .edu.sa).
What are the advantages of obtaining a Saudi domain ending with (.sa) ?
The advantages of a Saudi domain:
  • A national domain.
  • The credibility of the domain for citizens and residents in the kingdom and abroad.
  • Ensuring ownership of the domain for the registrant to avoid losing domain to others
  • Web hosting technical support for the domain registrants
What are the documents required to register a new domain?
To register a new domain you need to attach a copy of official documents to prove the relationship between the wanted domain and the registered name on the official documents. Clarification of the relationship is needed.
How long is the registration period to reserve a new domain?
After attaching the right documents, it takes up to 24 hours to confirm the reservation of a new domain.
What is required to renew a domain?
You only need to select the domain and pay the renewal fees and the domain will automatically be renewed
How do I pay?
You can pay online through a Visa, MasterCard, Amex, Apple pay, or a Mada card.
How do I transfer my domain from another registrar?
You only need these few steps to move your domain to DNet from NIC.sa or (any other registrar):
  • First go to nic.sa and choose the domain you want to move using (send auth code) button.
  • Next, you should fill the application and agree to the terms, and a message will be sent to the administrative phone and email.
  • Open your email and click on the link attached, insert the code sent to your phone and agree to the terms to see the auth code.
  • After registering in (dnet.sa) click on (start transferring your domain now) button.
  • Insert the code in the auth code field and type the domain.
  • Confirm application and agree to the terms.
  • You will receive a message on your phone and to the administrative email to confirm.
  • Pay domain renew fees for one year to complete the process within a maximum of 5 days.
for more details click here
What are the criteria of identifying the relationship for registering a domain for institutes and companies?

Domain extensions avilable for institutes or companies are:
  • .sa
  • .com.sa
  • .net.sa (information technology, communication services, media services or postal services, for example.. internet suppliers, hosting suppliers, media and television)
  • .السعودية
Identifying relationship:
Clarify the relationship between the wanted domain name and the name in the commercial registration, or a commercial brand linked to it.

Upload documents:
Commercial registration or Commercial brand.

for more information please visit website 
What are the criteria to identify the relationship for registering domains for individuals?

Extintions avalable for individuals are:
  • .sa
  • .pub.sa
  • .السعودية

Identifying relationship :

Clarify the relationship between the domain name wanted with the first and second name, first and last name or one of their shorts according to the Identifying Document or Premium Residency.

Uploading documents
dentifiyng Document or Premium Residency.

For more information please vixit Nic website

What are the eligibility conditions for registration?

2LD or 3LD Domain names may be registered within the Saudi Latin ccTLD according to the following:
  1. (.sa) Dedicated to any natural person or legal entity. It is considered as a 2LD Latin domain name.
  2. (.com.sa) Dedicated only for entities that provide commercial services with a valid Commercial Registration (or equivalent) issued by a pertinent authority in Saudi Arabia (e.g., Ministry of Commerce and Investment (MOCI); or for locally registered trade names and/or trademarks with MOCI.
  3. (.edu.sa) Dedicated only for educational and training institutions that provide services directly to students (e.g., schools, universities, training institutes) with valid licenses issued by a pertinent authority in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (e.g., Ministry of Education, Technical and Vocational Training Corporation).
  4. (.sch.sa) Dedicated only for kindergartens, elementary schools, secondary schools, and high schools with valid licenses issued by a pertinent authority in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (e.g., Ministry of Education).
  5. (.med.sa) Dedicated only for entities that provide health services (e.g., hospitals, medical clinics, pharmacies), with valid licenses issued by a pertinent authority in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (e.g., Ministry of Health).
  6. (.gov.sa) Dedicated only for governmental entities in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia including ministries, authorities, and general agencies.
  7. (.net.sa) Dedicated to entities that provide information technology services, communications services, media services, or postal services (e.g., ISPs, web hosting, TV and news media ), with valid licenses issued by a pertinent authority in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (e.g., Communications & Information Technology Commission, Ministry of Commerce and Investment, or Ministry of Media).
  8. (.org.sa) Dedicated for non-profit organizations in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, including societies, charities, clubs, embassies, conferences and public organizations.
  9. (pub.sa) Dedicated only for individuals.
Can I renew my domain for more than 1 year at a time?
Yes you can renew your domain a maximum period of 10 years .
How much will a domain transfer or registration or renewal will cost me?
The registration and renewal cost will be 99 SR only VAT included.
The transfer with renewal cost will be 69.30 SR only VAT included.
When I transfer my domain will my website be effected?
Transfering domains will not effect your website and will not be noticed by your website visitors.
Do you offer DNS management?
We can help managing DNS via these servers:
What are the kinds of DNS records that you have?
We have the following records:
What are the domain management services that you offer?
We offer the following services:
  1. Unlock transfer key
  2. Renew domain
  3. Enable and disable DNSSEC.
  4. DNS management.
  5. Send authentication code to administrative officer.
  6. Edit server's names.
  7. Edit sector information.
  8. Edit administrative officer's information.
  9. Edit technical officer's information.
  10. Edit financial officer's information.
  11. Waive domain to another entity.
  12. Waive domain to another account inside DNet.
  13. Delete domain.
I have 15 domains to transfer, and I also want to renew them for 7 more years, can I do that?
During the transfer you will have to renew for 1 year only.
After transfering to DNet you can renew your domains up to a 10 years maximum.
What are the documents that I can attach?
You can attach any of the following documents :
Commercial registration certificate.
Lawyer's license.
Agency registration certificate.
Association registration certificate.
Freelancer certificate.
National ID or Premium Residency.
How can I refund once the order is cancelled?
Go to my purshases > wallet > click on Balance transfer request
Can I remove my active domain?
Yes, you can remove it by loging to your account > my domains > details > dropdown option.
Can I get the valid certification of my domain?
Yes, click on drop-down option in domain details page.
Can't manage the DNS.
According to the NS in the domain detail page you must manage the DNS from the hosting provider side.
How to update the administrative info / entity name?
To update the current administrative info / entity name go to my domains > click on the grey icon > choose Update the entity's data/administrative coordinator
What is DNSSEC?
Domain Name Secure Extension (DNSSEC) is a technology that enables the registrant to protect its domain name by electronically signing the domain name data in order to enable the survey devices to verify the validity of the data as well as the validity of its source. For more information, you can visit the website for this technology ( www.dnssec.sa).
How can I charge my wallet?
Go to my purchases > wallet > then click on 'Balance topup request'
We cannot control the domain because the account registrant cannot be contacted.
In case you miss the communicate with the right person who created an account with dnet and have the access to the domain you will need to do the following to join the domain to another account:
  • Create a new account at dnet.sa
  • Go to my domains > click on the setting icon
  • Click on 'Update the entity's data/administrative coordinator' and fill in the form
  • Again click on the 'Joining the domain to another account' 
Then our team will review your order and get back to you shortly.
Can I add subdomain?
We don't offer a subdomain service
How to connect my domain with the hosting provider?
Go to my domains > detail > update names servers
How to add sub-user in my account?
Go to my domains > detail > add sub-users
What's the permission I can give to the sub-users?
View only or update such as; renew the expired domain, update NS, update domain administrator
How to transfer the domain from between dnet's customers account?
Go to my domains > detail > transfer domain to another account in dnet
I have updated the NS but, not getting update
Please make sure to accept the update by approve the request on that email sent to the domain administrator
What's the benefit of the security lock?
Domain Lock prevents any unauthorized attempts to transfer your domain to another registrar
Do you provide a hosting to my domain?
We don't provide a hosting service
Why the NS is not yet propogate after 72H?
Please contact the NS provider to assist you
How to connect my domain via IP address
Please make sure your domain is pointing to dnet NS then go to domain detail page and NS then add a record with the type A
When making the payment for the domain it means the domain is reserved?
No, we don't guarantee that your domain is reserved till we review your request which takes about 24 H
Why is the payment process must be done before reviewing the request?
The revision for your request can be after making the payment, in case your request doesn't meet the requirements then your payment can be fully refunded to your account as a balance
I haven't receive any email in the domain administrator's email
Please go to my orders > detail > resend email
Who's the domain administrator?
A natural person or legal entity based in Saudi Arabia, designated by the Registrant as the contact person in the domain name record
How to renew my domains?
Go to my domains > detail > renew domain
What's the different between renew domain and restore domain?
Restore the domain: it is after the end of the renewal period and the domain owner did not renew it after its expiration
Renewal: you can renew the domain before it expires
Why the domain is rejected?
It could be rejected from NIC due to unclear or unmatched the NIC roles and criteria.
You can read more here: https://help.nic.sa/en/registrant-domain-relationship-criteria
Why is the domain TLD being rejected?
The domain TLD must be a relationship between the TLD and the entity https://help.nic.sa/en/registrant-domain-relationship-criteria
How to update the domain administrator?
Go to my domains > other tools > update domain administrator

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